Thomson Router Admin Login

You need the IP address, username and password information to access the Thomson management panel of all routers. You can find this information in the Thomson user manual. However, if you are not able to access the user manual of your device, you can take advantage of the summary. You can also download user guides in pdf format for many router brands and models.

Thomson Router Admin Login Guide

Follow the steps below to access the admin panel of your device:

  1. Open your favorite Internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  2. Type the IP address in the browser address bar and press Enter. If you do not know the default IP address of your router, click here. This page will automatically detect the IP address of your device.
  3. When you connect to the IP address, you will be asked to enter your user and password.
  4. If you don’t know your default username and password, you can use the table below.
  5. After typing your username and password, press Enter. After this process, you will have access to the router admin panel.

I Can’t Login to the Thomson Router Admin Panel

If you cannot access the admin panel using the default login, you can use the list below. Select your device model from the list. You can find other frequently used username and passwords on the model detail page.

Default Username & Passwords for Thomson Routers

You can find the most frequently used default username and password combinations in the Thomson from the bottom table. You can try combinations on this list to log in.

11(no default)(no default)

Default Login IPs for Thomson Routers

You may want to log in to the admin panel for many reasons, such as setting up your device’s internet connection, changing your wireless network or security settings. To do this, you need to know the IP address assigned by the manufacturer to your device. This IP address is usually written on the label on the bottom or the back of the router and in the user manual. If you don’t have access to them, you can find the most frequently used IP addresses in the brand.

#Default Router IP

List of Thomson Router Manuals

  • Thomson 585 7
  • Thomson 782i
  • Thomson 95124f WBR-2310
  • Thomson ACG905 - User Manual
  • Thomson DCW725 - User Manual
  • Thomson DCW725 Wireless Cable Gateway
  • Thomson DCW775EU - User Manual
  • Thomson DWG855 - User Manual
  • Thomson DWG855T
  • Thomson DWG855TLG - User Manual
  • Thomson DWG874B
  • Thomson DWG875 - User Manual
  • Thomson DWG875T - User Manual
  • Thomson SpeedTouch
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 180 - User Manual
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 516 Most
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 530
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 536
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 536 Bigpond firmware
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 536 Most
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 536 v6
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 536 v6 Telstra firmware
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 546
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 570
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 576 1.7
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 580
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 580 Most
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 585 - User Manual
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 585 (ST585) v6 - User Manual
  • Thomson Speedtouch 585 V6
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 716v5
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 780 WL
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 780 WL SSID.SpeedTouchB
  • Thomson SpeedTouch AP 180
  • Thomson SpeedTouch Home
  • Thomson SpeedTouch Pro
  • Thomson SpeedTouch Pro 4-Port
  • Thomson SpeedTouch Pro 4-Port FW
  • Thomson SpeedTouch-546v5 - User Manual
  • Thomson SpeedTouch261A3E SpeedTouch585v6
  • Thomson SpeedTouch580 4.3.19
  • Thomson ST180
  • Thomson ST2030
  • Thomson ST4318
  • Thomson ST536 - User Manual
  • Thomson ST546
  • Thomson ST585 - User Manual
  • Thomson ST585v6 - User Manual
  • Thomson ST585v6sl
  • Thomson ST5x6v6 - User Manual
  • Thomson ST780 - User Manual
  • Thomson TCW-710
  • Thomson TCW710 - User Manual
  • Thomson TCW750-4 - User Manual
  • Thomson TCW770 - User Manual
  • Thomson TCW7704 - User Manual
  • Thomson Technicolor TG587n v3
  • Thomson TG121n - User Manual
  • Thomson TG123g - User Manual
  • Thomson TG580 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG582n O2 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG585 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG585 7
  • Thomson TG585 v7
  • Thomson TG585n - User Manual
  • Thomson TG585n-v2 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG585v7 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG585v8 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG585v8 Telecom - User Manual
  • Thomson TG587nv2 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG712 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG782 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG782T - User Manual
  • Thomson TG784 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG787 - User Manual
  • Thomson TG789vn
  • Thomson TWG-870
  • Thomson TWG-870U
  • Thomson TWG850
  • Thomson TWG850-4U
  • Thomson TWG870 - User Manual
  • Thomson win 7 st780wl

The Above Methods Didn’t Work!

If you can’t reach the admin panel of your Thomson modem using the above methods, there is only one thing you can do. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the device for 15-20 seconds with a needle or toothpick. As a result of this operation, all the settings of your device will be restored to the factory settings. You will also be disconnected from the Internet. Therefore, if you do not have enough information, you can contact a specialist for technical support.